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  • Toner Stevenson

Supernova remnants – life after death  presented by Dr Luke Bozzetto

Monday 6 February, 6:30pm

Supernova remnants are the expanding structures left behind after the catastrophic explosion certain stars meet at the end of their lives – the supernova. Comprised of the initial stellar ejecta and swept-up material, these remnants are vital for many astrophysical processes – including the creation of compact objects (such as neutron stars and black holes), in addition to the chemical enrichment and shaping of their local environments - aiding in the formation of new stars and planets.

In this talk, I’ll cover the processes involved in supernova remnant evolution and take a look at the exciting research that is being done in this area that has been made possible by the new generation of instruments such as the ASKAP.

Luke Bozzetto is an adjunct Fellow in the Dean's School of Science at Western Sydney University. He is a prolific researcher and collaborator contributing to many astronomy publications.

Dr Bozzetto's talk will follow short members' presentations and start at approximately 7pm.

Until Sydney Observatory re-opens Members talks are presented via Zoom - please contact our secretary for more information. The link is sent to all current members. Non-members may attend 2 presentations and will then be asked to join.


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