Committee Meetings & Outreach

Committee Meetings 2020

Our committee is elected and meets once a month (except December) at Sydney Observatory.


All members are invited to contribute ideas and send the committee any matters of opportunity or concern by emailing the secretary 24 hours before the meeting date.

Monday 20st January 2020

Monday 17th February 2020

Monday 16th March 2020

Monday 13th April 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Monday 15th June 2020

Monday 20th July 2020

Monday 24th August 2020

Monday 21st September 2020

Monday 19th October 2020

Monday 16th November 2020

No meeting December

Outreach 2020

We participate in outreach to encourage others to be active in amateur observing. We have a portable telescope for use by members and encourage members to bring their own telescopes. If you want to join us in an outreach program it is essential to be a member for insurance purposes.


In 2020 the following outreach is planned. Contact our Secretary  to get involved, use your telescope or get help using your telescope:  

Telescope Viewing nights 2020

Members are invited to bring their telescopes or enjoy using the Sydney City Skywatcher telescope throughout the year. This is an opportunity to learn from each other, view the Moon, stars, planets and nebulae and take photographs.

Planned telescope nights sometimes occur after the presentation so lookout on the Events Page for details:

  • Monday 1 June - dedicated telescope viewing night

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