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The early women members of the BAA (NSW) and Sydney City Skywatchers 1895 to 1983

From its inception the BAA (NSW) invited women to join as members and to participate in the observing sections. The first woman president was Elizabeth Budek in 2001 whose interest in astronomy was encouraged at a very young age:

"As a child, my father influenced me in my love of Astronomy. He used to discuss books he had read with me and encouraged me to rad astronomy books from the library. He also loved showing me the night sky and an early memory was my father pointing out a Comet to me in the 1960's ( IKEYA-SEKI 1965). I restarted my interest in earnest back in the 1990's when I attending BAA (NSW) meetings and enrolled in an Astronomy Course at the Sydney Observatory. I eventually became a Committee Member and then held the post of the first female President of BAA (NSW) for the period 2002 - 2003. I currently hold the position of Treasurer for Sydney City Skywatchers (formerly known as BAA (NSW)."

The list below of some of the pioneering women in amateur astronomy in Sydney was compiled by Dr Toner Stevenson and Gary Dalrymple. Please note this list is incomplete. A full list of all members is currently being researched. Email any corrections to: There are now many women general and committee members and an even gender balance.

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