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History of Linden Observatory 30" Evans Telescope Wednesday 4 October, 6:30pm

Presented by Rob Horvat

This talk gives an overview of the history of the 30-inch telescope at Linden Observatory from its arrival in 1997. It includes the development of the site to build a permanent home for the telescope and its early use. We look at its subsequent use by WSAAG as trustee Bob Evans makes WSAAG its new caretakers and primary users from 2012.

WSAAG was instrumental in its upgrade by Peter Read of SDM Telescopes in 2013 and in the re-coating of the primary mirror in 2015.

Also included is a general overview of the club's use of the telescope for both visual observing and occultation work.

Rob Horvat with the 30 inch Evans telescope, photograph by Alan Plummer

This meeting will start at 6:30pm with the Sydney City Skywatchers AGM, the keynote address will begin at approx. 7:15pm.

Bio Rob Horvat did his degree in Science at UNSW, majoring in Mathematics. He completed his Diploma in Education in 1973 and went on to do high school teaching in mathematics and computing studies. Rob always had an interest in astronomy but did not join an amatuer astronomy club until he retired from work. He joined WSAAG in November 2006.

In 2007, he put together the WSAAG Starter Pack for new members and novices to astronomy. Now version 6. His first big undertaking was to produce Night Sky Objects for Southern Observers in 2008, creating his own maps with target objects for southern hemisphere users. Now version 5. Subsequently, Rob put together several major documents for WSAAG including the Observer's Guide to Galaxies, Observer's Guide to Planetary Nebulas, Observer's Guide to Carbon Stars. Some of these also showcase the work of WSAAG's astrophotographers. All of these can be obtained freely from the Resources section of our website.

Rob was WSAAG President from 2013 to 2022 and is currently Vice-President.

This meeting will be held via Zoom. If you would like to join please email our secretary:


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