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Solar observations: August 2020

For the month of August 2020 Sunspot activity was quite low during my observations with only five spot groups observed, most were single spots.

No Sunspots were observed on the 14th 15th & 16th 20th to the 31st August.


A total of only 25 observations were made with the remaining 6 days either cloud covered or rain.

Most Prominences observed once again were extremely faint & small.

No Flares, Surges were seen, though Plage was seen on the 4th and a Filament was observed on the 30th .

The total average classification value was 2.7 and the relevant total Sunspot number was 5.

The diagram right (Courtesy NASA) describes some of the common phenomenon occurring on our closest star.

Detailed report

On the first day of August it seemed as if Sunspot activity will continue to increase, as the single Hsx spot in AR12767 continued on with the rotation of the Sun closer to the western limb. Close to the eastern limb a new single Axx spot was also observed. These were new Solar Cycle 25 spots.

By the 3rd the single spot in AR12769 had disappeared and a new single Hsx spot appeared close to the NE limb in AR 12770.

On the 4th this Sunspot became more active showing some Plage partially surrounding it (see diagram below)

Plage is caused by intense magnetic fields around Sunspot areas and where temperatures are higher than in surrounding quiescent regions.

Due to bad weather no further observations were made until the 10th.

At this time the Sunspot in AR12770 became a classification group of Cai (9). It contained 2 spots within the Penumbra and a single spot just outside it.

Bad weather prevented observation on the 11th and by the 12th the Sunspot group in AR12770 had disappeared.

However a new single Axx Sunspot appeared in AR12771, in the SE, also as a new cycle 25 spot.

On the SE limb an unusual shaped broken arch Prominence reached a height of 84,000km. There was no observation on the 13th due to cloud cover though on the 14th a large single arched Prominence was seen on the NW limb reaching a height of about 74,000 km. No Sunspots could be seen. No further Sunspots were seen on the Sun until the 17th when a single very faint Axx spot was observed in the NW in AR12772. Its position is a rough estimation on this diagram and is incorrect as it could not be seen on projection.

The following day on the 18th the single Sunspot turned in as a larger Cso (11) group containing 4 Sunspots, 2 with penumbra and 2 without. Also, emanating from this group was a broad Filament about 93,000km long. The following day the group in AR12772 had reduced in size considerably to a CV of Bxi (2). Alas no further Sunspot activity was seen on the Sun for the rest of the month of August. On the 25th a column type prominence reached an approximate height of 93,000 km. Until the 31st only minor Prominences were observed. The double column Prominence seen on the 31st reached a height of about 93,000 km.

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