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In this month - January 2018

Image NASA, Voyager 2, 1999

11 January 1787 Oberon and Titania, moons of Uranus, discovered by Sir William Herschel. The image above was taken by NASA, Voyager 2, in 1999 when the 18th Moon was identified.

1 January 1801 Dwarf planet Ceres discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.

2 January 1959 Russian spacecraft Luna 1 launched. First spacecraft to leave Earth’s orbit.


8 January 1868 Frank Dyson. 9th Astronomer Royal 1910-1933

20 January 1930 Buzz Aldrin. Apollo 11. Second moon to walk on the Moon

8 January 1942 Stephen Hawking. English physicist and cosmologist

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