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Solar Observations for March 2017

Monty Leventhal OAM making his daily solar observations in Sydney

Every Month I summarise my observations. You can find out more about me and how I make my solar observations on a previous blog post.


Once again activity on the Sun continued to be very low. On the first of March only one Dso group of Sunspots could be seen in AR12461 and two single spots; one being an Hsx spot in AR1238 and the other being an Axx spot in AR12640. Due to bad weather no further observations were made until the 6th. On that day the solar disc was clear of clear of all Sunspots.

No further observations were made until 9 March due to more bad weather when the solar disc was still clear of Sunspots until the 14th and only then a single Axx spot was seen. Again due to bad weather no further observations were made until the 23rd when a small Cri group was observed in the NE, AR12643. By the 24th it became a single Hsx spot and on the 25th smaller again as a single Axx spot.

Also on 25 March a new Bxi group was observed in AR12644

On 26 March the group in AR12644 grew to a fairly strong Dsi and produced a type 2N Flare. It started at 21.25UT, peaked at 21.30 and ended at 22.00. It had an X-ray class of B4.

Once again bad weather prevented observations until the 30th when a larger Eki group of spots appeared in the SE, region 12645. Plage and 2 Filaments were seen in this group which indicated a possibility of Flare activity.

On the 31st it indeed produced a type 2N Flare. It started at 22.50UT, peaked at 23.00 and ended at 23.40. It had an X-ray class of C1.


For the month of March most Prominences were very small and faint. On the 6th a Single Arched Prominence was observed stretching across the NE limb for approximately 130,000km and reached a height of 56,000km.

On the 11th an Arched Prominence reached a height of about 47,000km on the NW limb.

Though Prominences could be seen most days of the month, as mentioned, most were small and faint.

Monty Leventhal OAM President. SCS

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