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Selected Solar Observations April 2022


Monty Leventhal OAM

The first observation for the month of April was made on the 2nd due to cloud cover on the 1st.

Sunspot activity was quite small though the Esi (29) group near the centre of the Sun contained 13 Sunspots 3 of which included Penumbra.

Prominences around the limb of the Sun were quite small though 2 Filaments on the face were very large.

As mentioned previously Filaments are the same as Prominences as they rotate from the limb to the face of the Sun when we look down on them as they come up in sheet form.

On the 3rd two new single Axx spots were seen close to the SE limb while on the NW AR12984 was about to rotate around the limb.

A fork type Prominence on the SE limb reached an approximate height of 75,000km.

Although on the 4th Prominences on the limb were few & small a large single arched Prominence was observed on the SE limb reaching a height of about 93,000km. Also some large & strong Filaments were seen on the face of the Sun.

There were no diagrams until the 9th due to cloud cover & rain. On that day only a single Axx spot was seen in the NW, close to the limb in AR12983.

Also on the NW a single type column Prominence going to a height of about 74,000km.

On the NE limb some interesting active Prominences were seen. Six Filaments were also observed.

Again due to bad weather No observations were made until the 14th.

A new single Hsx spot was observed close to the limb AR 12991.

Also observed in the NE was a small type 1N Flare. It started at 23.45hrs.UT, peaked at 01.30 on the 15th & ended at 09.50. It had an X-ray class of C1.6 in AR12990.

On the 16th a new large Sunspot group appeared in the NE and was separated by two region numbers on the 17th. AR12993/4.

By the 20th the group AR12993/4 became a CV Eki (47) and produced a type 1N Flare. It started at 23.30 UT. Peaked at 23.50 and ended at 23.58. It had an X-ray class of C1.6.

Due to bad weather again no observations were made until the 23rd. Five groups were seen on the solar disc consisting of AR12993/4, 995, 996 & 999, the latter being a new Hsx spot close to the limb in the SE.

Also on the SE limb a detached Prominence reached a height of 102,000km and a single arched Prominence on the NE limb reached 93,000km.

Once again no diagrams were made due to total cloud cover & consistent rain until the 28th. On that day 6 groups were observed, namely AR994, 995, 997, 999, 13000 & 13001. Four Filaments & 2 areas with Plage were also seen.

All Prominences around the limb were quiet, the highest reaching 56,000km on the SE limb.

No observation was made on the 29th due to cloud cover.

On the 30th April only 3 Hsx penumbral spots could be seen.

On the NE limb a large active Prominence was

observed reaching a height of 84,000km.

Summing up, sunspot activity for solar cycle 25 in April 2022 has become more active with Prominences & Filaments becoming stronger too. Flares were observed on the 14th & 20th on my watch during April.

The most Sunspots seen on one day was 20 in 2 groups & the most groups seen on one day was on the 28th with six groups which included only 6 Sunspots.

13 daily observations were made. The remaining 17 days were cloud covered and/or rain.

A total 24 areas of Plage, a total of 2 Flares were observed for the month.

The relevant sunspot number for the month was 40 and the average CV number was 47.1.

My forecast for the month of April is a further increase in Sunspot and Flare activity and an increase with stronger & brighter Prominences. (weather permitting)

Monty Leventhal OAM.


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