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Selected Solar Observations


Monty Leventhal OAM

June 2022

The first observation was made on the 3rd June due to bad weather and on that day four sunspot groups were seen.

First was a single Hsx spot in AR13026, then a Cri group in AR023, a Cso group in AR024 & a Csi group in AR027.

These groups had no potential to produce Flare as the spots were too small & faint.

Three Filaments were also seen marked in blue & a Prominence on the NW limb reached a height of 74,000km. Two areas marked in orange was Plage.

A new single Axx spot was observed on the 5th in the SE in AR13029 while the group in AR024 had reduced in size to a CV Axx.

Prominences around the limb of the Sun were quite active.

On the 6th only one single Axx remained in AR029 while an unconnected arch Prominence on the SE limb reached a height of 65,000km.

On the SW limb close to the equator I saw what I believe was a type B2 Flare. It was not confirmed. It started at 23.50hrs UT, Peaked at 23.55 & ended at 00.15 the following day. It had an X-ray class of B3.4

The solar disc was clear of Sunspots on the 7th & 8th June though on the 9th a Bxi group reappeared in AR13029.

On the NE limb an active Prominence reached a height of about 83,000km with some Surge activity.

On the 10th a Bxi group of spots appeared in AR13030 and close to it a arched Prominence reached a height of about 47,000km.

Activity on the Sun now remained very low.

Activity once again increased on the 12th with four Sunspot groups observed, a Eso (CV26) group in AR030, a single Axx spot in AR031, another in AR032 and another in AR033.

Prominences remained minimal.

No further observations were made until the 24th. On that day a Dsi group (28) was observed close to the NW limb.

Above it a very active prominence reached a height of approximately 56,000km & stretched across the limb for about 205,000km

No further observations were made until the 27th when a new Csi (CV12) was observed in AR13042.

A short lived type B1 Flare was seen in AR13040. It started at 23.45 UT, peaked at 23.55 & ended at 00.15 on the 28th. It had an X-ray class of B4.

Summing up, sunspot activity so far for solar cycle 25 in June 2022 has become less active but with Prominences & Filaments becoming stronger. Flares were observed on the 6th & 27th on my watch during June.

The most Sunspots seen on one day was 11 in 4 groups & the most groups seen on one day was on the 28th with 4 groups which included only 7 Sunspots.

11 daily observations were made for the month of June.

A total 14 areas of Plage and a total of 2 Flares were observed for the month.

The relevant sunspot number for the month was 20 and the average CV number was 15.5.

My forecast for the month of July is a further increase in Sunspot and Flare activity and an increase with stronger & brighter Prominences. (weather permitting)

Monty Leventhal OAM.


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