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Partial Lunar Eclipse - Sydney 19 November

Following the spectacular total lunar eclipse of 26 May 2021 Sydney-siders are to be treated to a partial lunar eclipse.

DATE:19 November 2021.

TIME: The Moon will rise eclipsed (so from Sydney after 7:34pm). This will be at or near maximum eclipse depending on your location. The shadow will leave the Moon at 9:47pm.

WHAT WILL I SEE?: According to Dr Nick Lomb's 2021 Australasian Skyguide the Earth's shadow will cover 98% of the Moon. The photograph below is of the Moon close to total eclipse (T. Stevenson, 26 May '21) and I am hoping that this is similar to what we will see on 19 November.


The Moon will rise partially eclipsed which should be an amazing sight for those with a view to the Eastern horizon. In Sydney this will be at 7:34pm during twilight.

Some tips:

  • Find a place with a view to the East - ideally you can see the horizon.

  • You don't need special glasses - a Lunar or Moon eclipse is perfectly safe to view with the naked eye.

  • Look for the colour of the eclipsed Moon - how red is it? Why does the Moon turn red?

  • A pair of binoculars is a great way to see the details of the Moon.

  • Have your camera ready. Turn OFF the flash. Ideally set your camera on a tripod, zoom in if you have a Zoom lens and with manual settings adjust to get a close-up of the Moon and surrounding landscape. It will be twilight so this should be possible.

  • Keep taking images as the Moon goes out of eclipse but remember to look and observe with the naked eye!

SEND YOUR BEST 2 IMAGES (max 1mb) TO: sydneycityskywatchers@gmail.com


Astronomy Curator Dr Andrew Jacob, Gomeroi Astronomer Karli Alinta Noon and PhD student Kat Ross will be live streaming from Sydney Observatory for free - REGISTER HERE


Lookout for website posts from Sydney Observatory astronomy curator, Dr Andrew Jacob, on the Observations blog site as we get closer to the date.

For your local time look here: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/australia/sydney