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  • Toner Stevenson

Members' Presentation Night

Monday 1 August, 6:30pm

Join in to hear from Sydney City Skywatcher members as they present fascinating insights into many aspects of astronomy:


Acknowledgement of Country

Image left: Halley's Comet, 1910, Courtesy Library of Congress archive.

Then the following members talks each around 5 minutes:

Ann Cairns - Yerkes Observatory

Garry Dalrymple – Newspaper coverage of Comet Halley 1835 & 1910

Professor John Harris – On the folly (or otherwise) of building an observatory

Dr Andrew Jacob – Mosman Astronomers

Dr Andrew Jacob – Barangaroo Central Development

Monty Leventhal OAM – Solar report - Presented by Ann Cairns/Andrew Wood

Rob Luxford – Video: Exoplanets

Professor Wayne Orchiston – researching our Astronomical Pioneers: Publish or Perish!

Joyce Peng: Trip to Parkes Telescope and skywatching

Andrew Wood: Observing deep space objects

To make sure you have your zoom link email


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