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  • Monty Leventhal OAM

Solar Observations: August 2018

Once again all Sunspot, Prominence and Flare activity remained extremely low as we approach the Sun's Solar minimum. I expect this could occur in the coming year.

A total of 25 observations were made for the month with the remaining days being cloud covered or rain. This consisted of 17 days when the Sun was clear of Sunspot activity and 6 days when no observations were made due to bad weather. The remaining 8 days where the only ones with some minor Sunspot activity.

A single Hsx Sunspot was observed on the 1st August UT with a CV of 10 in AR 12717. The following day it was gone.

Another single Hsx spot was observed on the 14th in AR12718. This remained on the Solar disc until the 17th. On the 18th it could no longer be seen.

A new single Axx spot was observed on the 19th in AR12719 and by the following day it had grown to a Bxo with just 2 very small Sunspots.

No further Sunspots were seen until the 27th when in the NE a single Axx spot was seen in AR12720. Since then the Solar disc was clear of Sunspots for the rest of the month.

Prominences were observed on most days though nearly all were fairly faint. On the 3rd an active Prominence on the NE limb reached an approximate height of 56,000km and on the 18th another on the SW limb reached a height of about 93,000km.

Filaments were observed on the 6th 8th to 11th 17th 18th 22nd & 27th though all were quite faint.

No Flares or CMEs were seen.

Monty Leventhal OAM.

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