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2 June 1966 Surveyor 1, the first of the Surveyor robotic spacecraft, soft lands on the Moon. It was the first American spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on an extra-terrestrial body. NASA’s Surveyor Program sent seven robotic spacecraft to the surface of the Moon, its primary goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of soft landings on the Moon in preparation for the Apollo Moon landings. Image Left: Surveyor 1 spacecraft sitting silently on Oceanus Procellarum, the first US spacecraft to land on another planet (June 2, 1966). The image was taken in the lunar afternoon such that the sun in low on the western horizon and the 3.3 meter tall spacecraft casts a long shadow (almost 15 m long)

Did you know? - "The Dish"

The Parkes Telescope - “The Dish” - from its historic role in the Apollo 11 Moon landing to looking for ET it has played an important part in Australian astronomy. The dish is not fixed to the top of its tower, but just sits on it. The moving part of the telescope weighs 1000 tonnes but is not fixed to the tower, instead it sits on top with its own weight holding it down. Because the large surface area catches the wind like a sail, if the wind exceeds 35 km per hour it must be ‘stowed’ by pointing it directly up. During the Apollo 11 Moon landing it was struck by a series of severe 110 km per hour wind gusts which made the control room shudder. Fortunately, the winds abated and Buzz Aldrin a

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