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Solar Observations: October 2018

For the month of October 2018 all Sunspot activity once again on the Sun remained extremely low. A total of 16 Observations were made for the month with the remaining days being cloud covered or rain. This consisted of 14 days when the Sun was clear of Sunspot activity and 2 days with minor activity also 1 day when no observation was made. Most Prominences observed once again were quiet faint and small. No CMEs or Flares were seen. The total average classification value was 0.6. The total Relevant Sunspot Number was 2. On the 1st October UT a Small Cai group of Sunspots were observed in AR 12723, being the same group seen at the end of last month, as drawn below. Due to bad weather no furthe

Did you know? The Pleides

Often called “The Seven Sisters” this group of stars has a strong connection to Aboriginal Peoples in many parts of Australia and was the focus of an exhibition called Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters at the Australian National Gallery. An image of the Pleiades star cluster, shown below, was produced in 2007 by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory using an Infra-Red filter and NASA's Spitzer telescope. In Western cultural tradition the individual stars are named for figures in ancient Greek Mythology, Alcyone, Maia, Taygeta, Sterope, Merope, Celaeno and Electra. They were the daughters of the Greek Titan Atlas. They are an open cluster of stars about 400 light years from Earth. They formed

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