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The Dark Universe by Dr Sara Webb : 3 April, 6:30pm

Monday 3 April, 6:30pm.

The sky and Universe beyond it have fascinated astronomers and philosophers for as long as humans have roamed the Earth, and only now are we uncovering the secrets to the cosmos. There are still two major secrets which have us puzzled and intrigued. What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter? They dominate the universe but are both 'invisible'. In this presentation Dr Sara Webb will discuss how we discovered them, and investigate the future of astronomy as we hunt to uncover the Dark Universe.


Dr. Sara Webb is an award-winning astronomer and science communicator whose work has focused on understand our dynamic and changing Universe. Her work has been from the Dark Energy Survey, OzGrav and the Deeper Wider Faster program, and is currently using her skills in machine learning to tackle how humans and computers work together. When she isn't researching, you'll find her talking astronomy on TV/radio and even online @sarawebbscience across all social media.

How to join this talk:

Members are sent a zoom link a few days before. All members are requested to have their name visible on their Zoom portal and to mute during the talks, but turn on the camera function for questions and at the entry and exit to the event.

If you are not a member please email our secretary on the day prior to the talk via You can join up to 2 talks as a non-member, then you will be asked to join us.


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