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7 Mar: 32 Years of the Australasian Sky Guide

Monday 7 March, 2022 at 6:30pm

Dr Nick Lomb is an astronomer whose career as Curator of astronomy, timekeeping, navigation, meteorology, surveying and the history of Sydney Observatory for the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences led him to be a high profile science communicator for over thirty years. Dr Lomb curated many exhibitions, was called upon for media appearances and wrote several publications including the annual Australasian Sky Guide.

The Australasian Sky Guide has been published annually by the publishing arm of the Powerhouse Museum since 1991, all with the same author. Much has changed in the style and contents of the book, as well in the sky, during the 32 years of publication. I will discuss some of those happenings, such as the legendary “Kochie effect” and the growth in the number of moons of Jupiter and Saturn. How I begin formulating each new sky guide will be mentioned, together with the main events to expect in 2022. The talk will begin though, with the prehistory of the sky guide, including the story of the visit of the lady from “Mars” and my discovery of the way Sydney Observatory’s human “computers” calculated the yearly Sun rise and set data.

Image above by Sotha Bourn, copyright MAAS.

Prior to the keynote talk Skywatchers members will present their observations of the Sun by Monty Leventhal OAM and an update on 'Issues relevant to Astronomers regarding care of the outer space environment' by John Lee.

The Keynote talk usually starts at 7pm.

This event will be on Zoom, links are sent to members. Not a member? contact our secretary on - you can be a guest for up to two meetings, after which you will be asked to join our society.


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