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Solar observations: September 2019

Sunspot activity for the month of September remained extremely low however, on the 1st September two very small Bxi spots were observed in AR12748 and remained on the solar disc the following day as a single Axx spot.

No further Sunspots were seen on the Sun for the rest of the month.


The most significant Prominences were on the 7th when a triple arched Prominence reached 65,000km in height, and 158,000km across the NW limb - see the diagram below.

Another single arch Prominence on the 8th reached a height of 74,000km. On the 18th another double arch Prominence reached a height of 42,000km on the SE limb. Finally on the 22nd another double arched Prominence reached a height of 65,000km on the NW limb. Most other prominences were small, faint and insignificant.

Monty Leventhal OAM

The Sun appeared to be void of Flares, Filaments, Faculæ and Surges throughout the month.

Due to bad weather no observations were made on the 11th 13th 15th 16th 17th 19th 20th 25th to 28th & 30th.

For the month of September a total of 18 observations were made with the remaining 12 days either cloud covered, rain or other reasons.

The total average classification value was 0.2 and the relevant total Sunspot number was 1.

Monty Leventhal is a very regular observer of the Sun, our closest star. His observations are part of a global observation program and contribute to scientific knowledge. Until recently Monty also set up his telescope at Sydney Observatory on regular Sundays so visitors could observe the Sun safely through a special lens. He has now retired from this volunteer role but you can watch him in action here.

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