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Solar Observations: June 2019

For the month of June, 2019, though solar activity was once again was still very low, a few Sunspot groups did appear.

On June 1st the Solar disc was completely clear of all activity and on the 2nd a Prominence on the NW limb and another on the SE limb, both quite faint were observed.Due to bad weather no further observations were made until the 5th. On that day once again the Sun was clear of all activity.

No Sunspots could be seen on the 8th but a Single Arched Prominence on the NW reached a height of approximately 66,000km. Also, close to the equator in the NW a Filament was seen. These two objects remained on the Sun until the 10th.

NASA Solar Observatory

On the 14th an Inclined Pillar Prominence reached a height of about 84,000km on the NW limb and further north a Broken Arched Prominence was observed to a height of 74,000km. The image above shows areas where cooler dense plumes of plasma (filaments and prominences) are located above the visible surface of the Sun: NASA Solar Dynamic Observatory.

No further significant activity could be seen until the 20th when a single Axx Sunspot was seen right on the NE limb. It appears that no one else saw this spot as it was not given a region number and did not last 24hrs.

The following day 21st the Sun was once again clear of all activity.

Due to cloud cover no observation was made until 23rd when a single Axx sunspot was seen in AR12742.

On the 24th another new single Axx spot was seen in AR12743.This was interesting as both these spots were 5° north and 25° apart. The spot on the 23rd had disappeared on the 24th.

No significant activity could be seen until the 27th when a Single Arched Prominence reached an approximate height of 47,000km.

On the 28th and 30th the Solar disc was once again clear of all activity, though on the 29th a Single Arched Prominence was observed on the NW limb reaching a height of 56,000km

For the month of June a total of 19 observations were made with the remaining 11 days either cloud covered or rain. This included 17 days when no Sunspot activity could be seen.

Summing up there was a total of 3 Sunspot groups in the north with a total of 3 Sunspots all in the north. Most Prominences were small and very faint probably due to a very weak magnetic field.

The total average classification value was 0.2 and the relevant total Sunspot number was 2.

Monty Leventhal OAM.

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