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Solar Observations for January 2018

"The lowest Sunspot and group count I have ever made...'

The solar disc was still clear of Sunspot from last December 2017 to the 4th January when a single Axx (1) spot was seen at 20° North & Longitude 332°. Though it could not be seen on the 5th it could still be observed on the 6th in AR12693. Due to bad weather no observation were made until 13 January with the solar disc still clear of Sunspots until the 16th. On that day a Csi (12) group of spot were observed 10° South & Longitude 125° in AR12696 consisting of 3 spots, 2 with Penumbra and 1 without. It remained visible until the 18th but only with a CV of Axx (1).No further Sunspots could be seen for the rest of the month


Prominences were seen on all observing days this month with the exception of the 21st when no activity at all could be seen. The most significant Prominences were on the 4th on the SE limb with a column type reaching a height of 112,000km. Another on the 14th January (see image above) on the NW limb being active to 102,000km high. On the 20th a faint column type Prominence reached a height of 140,000km on the SW limb. For the rest of the month most Prominences remained small and faint.


No Flares were seen for the whole month of observations.


For the month of January 2018 all Sunspot activity once again on the Sun remained extremely low.

A total of 17 Observations were made for the month with the remaining 14 days being cloud covered and/or rain.

A total of only 2 groups were observed. This included 1 group in the north and 1 in the south, comprising of 1 spot in the north and 3 in the south giving a total of 4 Sunspots.

This is now the lowest Sunspot and group count I believe I have ever made.

The average Relevant Sunspot number for the month was 3 and the average CV was 1.2 and the Q CV 1

Most Prominences observed once again were quiet faint.

No CMEs were observed.

Monty Leventhal OAM.

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