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In this Month - December 2017

This is the first post in a monthly series of astronomical, space exploration and related historical anniversaries. I hope you enjoy the history of astronomy and space science.

RHEA, as viewed by Cassini, Image NASA JPL

23 December 1672 Rhea, Saturn’s second largest moon, is discovered by Giovanni Cassini (above Rhea imaged by Cassini spacecraft courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute)

26 December 1758 Comet Halley is sighted by Johann Palitzsch confirming the predicted return by Edmond

Halley in 1705

15 December 1970 Soviet probe Venera 7 enters the atmosphere of Venus (official badge below).


14 December 1546 Tycho Brahe. Danish astronomer. Did comprehensive astronomical and planetary


27 December 1571 Johannes Kepler. German astronomer. Formulated the Laws of Planetary Motion.

11 December 1863 Annie Jump Cannon. American astronomer. Instrumental in stellar classification.

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