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Solar Observations for June 2017

Every month I publish a summary of my daily observations of the Sun and its activity. As our closest star it is extremely interesting to observe and record its activity. My findings add to those observed and published around the globe. You can find out more using this link.

Very low activity on the Sun continued throughout June. However on the 1st a Csi (12) group appeared round the NE limb in active region 12661 and produced a type 2F Flare. It had already started prior to the beginning of my observation. It peaked at 23.00 hrs and ended at 23.30 UT. It had an X-ray class of C3. This group grew to a classification value of Cki (39) on the 3rd June and remained on the solar disc until the 5th.

No further observations were made until the 11th due to bad weather. On that day and the 12th the solar disc was clear of all Sunspots.

On the 13th a new single Hsx (10) spot appeared in AR12662 and another Cri (6) group in AR12663 on the 14th.

Again no further observations were made until the 17th due to bad weather showing that ARs 12662/3 were still visible on the 18th.

No observation was made until the 20th due to cloud cover and rain. On that day a new single Axx (1) spot was observed close to the NE limb in AR 12664. Once more due to bad weather no observations were made until the 24th when the group in AR12664 grew to a CV of Csi (12) and remained on the solar disc until the 26th.

Bad weather again prevented observations until the 29th and 30th with the group in AR12664 as reduced to a CV of Hsx (10).


Again prominences on the Sun were seen during every observation but small and faint, though some were of most interest. These occurred on the 1st on the SW limb as a single arch Prominence reaching a height of 65,000km.

Another on the 17th to a height of 84,000km. A double Arch Prominence on the 24th, also on the SW limb reaching 35,000km.

On the 25th a very active Prominence reached an approximate height of 93,000km also on the SW limb.


The only Flare seen as mentioned was on the 1st June.

Monty Leventhal OAM



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