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Welcome to Sydney City Skywatchers

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. It is upon their ancestral lands that Sydney Observatory, the home of Sydney City Skywatchers, is built. As we share our own knowledge and learn about astronomy and its heritage, may we also pay respect to the knowledge embedded forever within the Aboriginal Custodianship of Country.


Established in 1895, Sydney City Skywatchers carries forward a proud tradition of providing a forum dedicated to amateur astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts in the city. Since our beginnings our aims to service the amateurs in astronomy have not changed. We are inclusive and welcome new members from Sydney and beyond.

Should you wish to visit Sydney Observatory please contact the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

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2024 Speaker and viewing program

Our monthly program is designed to appeal to our members' different interests and to stimulate cosmic curiousity. The evening begins with short Members reports prior to the keynote speaker.

Monday 5 February, 6:30pm

From Madsen to Beames: Reflections on Sydney Amateur Astronomy 1885–1960 and some ‘Large Telescopes’. Professor Wayne Orchiston,

Monday 4 March, 6:30pm

Sydney Observatory tour

Sat 16 March, 7:00pm

Viewing night Barangaroo

Wed 3 April, 6:30pm

Ken McEwen presents his experience in backyard spectroscopy.

Monday 6 May, 6:30pm

'Radio Astronomy' presentation by Professor Ron Ekers

Monday 3 June, 6:30pm

'Meteorology history in Australia' presentation by Dr Richard Whittacker

Monday 1 July, 6:30pm

Is there life out there in the Universe? by Dr Luke Barnes

Monday 5 August, 6:30pm

'Dark Skies and Indigenous Rights' by Dr Shea Esterling

Monday 2 September, 6:30pm

To be confirmed

Wednesday 2 October, 6:30pm

To be confirmed

Monday 6th November, 6:30pm

To be confirmed

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