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Feb 13, 2020

Stars for Your Valentine : Centennial Park - CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN

Sydney City Skywatcher Members Outreach is cancelled DUE TO RAIN

Unfortunately this event is cancelled due to needed rain!


A wonderful evening in one of Sydney's most amazing parklands with an astronomy talk and stargazing through telescopes and binoculars (weather permitting). If you are not a member but want to attend this fabulous evening all the details are here and you must register with Centennial Parklands. There is a small charge.

Sydney City Skywatchers' Members bring telescopes and binoculars to Centennial Parklands to be part of this event. All participating Members must register with our secretary by emailing: You will be sent details.

Mar 01, 2020

Reveal new worlds from darkness

Discovery methods for exoplanets presented by Dr Marc-Antoine Martinod

Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz received the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the first exoplanet in 1995. This discovery showed the solar system is not alone and trigger the race of the exoplanet discoveries. Today, 4000 exoplanets are discovered by various techniques but little is known about them and the time of their characterisation is coming.

At the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, we are developing a new kind of instrument, called GLINT, based on a simple yet clever idea to study the exoplanets and may be, discover an habitable one.


I am a postdoctorate fellow researcher at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, working on the GLINT research about the instrumental aspect at The University of Sydney. My Phd thesis was about the development of a new instrumental concept for long-baseline interferometry in the visible, for stellar astrophysics. I was also a amateur-astronomer and this passion led me to where I am now.

Date: Monday 2 March

Time: 6:30 pm - there is limited seating so please arrive on time

Place: Sydney Observatory, 1003 Upper Fort Street Millers Point.

Cost: Members are free with a supper charge of $2, non-members are $5.

Feb 02, 2020

Meteorites - Visitors from Outer Space

Presented by Ross Pogson, Scientific Officer and Collection Manager at the Australian Museum

Welcome to our first meeting and talk for 2020.


Meteorites  have fascinated people for thousands of years. They have been objects of fear, curiosity, superstition , religious veneration, and eventually, scientific study. Their extra-terrestrial nature was only recognised in the late 1700's to early 1800's, and even since then the message has been slow to spread.

This talk will address historical accounts, what meteorites are, where they come from, the different types of meteorites and what they are made of. The world's largest meteorites and meteorite craters will also be mentioned.

Ross Pogson is a Scientific Officer and Collection Manager for Mineralogy and Petrology at the Australian Museum, Sydney, where he has worked for 40 years. The image on this page is of a meteorite from Molong, collection of the Australian Museum.

Date: Monday 3 February 2020

Time: The evening starts at 6:30pm and finishes around 8:15pm. Seating is limited so please arrive on time.

Cost: Members are free. There is a $2 supper charge.

Non-members are welcome and are charged $5 and can attend for two talks but must join at their third event.

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