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In this month: June

13th June 1983 Pioneer 10 becomes the first human-made object to pass outside Pluto's orbit and leave the solar system. It was the farthest human-made object in existence until Voyager 1 exceeded its range in February 1998. It continues its journey through interstellar space heading in the general direction of Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus. It will arrive there in about 2 million years. 18th June 1983 Dr. Sally Ride (pictured above courtesy NASA) becomes the first American woman in space launching on the space shuttle Challenger. She was the third woman in space overall, after USSR cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova (1963) and Svetlana Savitskaya (1982). She completed two space fligh

Did you know? Royal Greenwich Observatory

This month we feature the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the Prime Meridian – Where East meets West The Prime Meridian is arbitrary and could be located anywhere but the choice of Greenwich was decided at the International Meridian Conference, on 13th October 1884. Greenwich won the vote. Although there is a line on the ground and a laser at night, the actual meridian is aligned with the cross-hairs in the eyepiece of the Transit Circle telescope at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. When King Charles II created the Royal Greenwich Observatory he created the position of Astronomer Royal to go with it. There have been a total of 15 Astronomers Royal from 1675 to the present. The original cost

Solar Observations: April 2019

At last...there was a bit more solar activity in April as reported by Monty Leventhal OAM from his balcony in Maroubra, a suburb of Sydney. Even though solar activity was still very low in the month of April 2019, a few Sunspot groups did appear. The first seen was on the 1st UT when the small Bxi (3) group AR12737 continued to be visible following on from the end of March. The following day the same group had grown to a CV of Dao (19) with Penumbra around each spot. It was still visible on the 3rd but it could hardly be seen. No Sunspots could be seen on the 5th or 6th but on the 7th a large Cki group containing 2 spots within a Penumbra appeared close to the NW limb in AR12738 as shown in

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