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19 May 1910 Earth passes through the tail of Comet Halley. Despite the superstitious belief of impending doom no catastrophes occurred. The Comet appears every 75-76 years, the last time was in 1986, the next approach will be in July 2061. The photo above of Comet 1P/Halley as taken March 8, 1986 by W. Liller, Easter Island, part of the International Halley Watch (IHW) Large Scale Phenomena Network (NASA, NSSSDC photo gallery) 01 May 1949 Neptune’s moon Nereid discovered. Discovered by Dutch-American astronomer Gerard Kuiper. It is the third largest moon of Neptune and is named after the nereids of Greek mythology who were the attendants of the god Neptune. It has one of the most eccentric o

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