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Solar Observations for August 2017

Once again very low activity on the Sun continued throughout most of August. On the 1st only a single Cri (6) group could be seen close to the SE limb in AR12670. This was the only group of Sunspot on the Sun until the 12th when it was about to rotate round the wester limb as a single Hsx (10) spot. It was not until the 15th that a new Csi (12) group was observed close to the NE limb in AR12671. By the 17th it had grown quite large to a CV (Classification Value) of Eai (23). This again was the only Sunspot group on the solar disc until the 20th by which time it had grown to a CV of Fki (48). It was joined on that day by a small Cso (11) group close to the NE limb in AR 12672. By the 24th the

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