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Total solar eclipse success! Warm Springs Oregon 2017

With great anticipation myself, fellow Skywatcher member Ron Stevenson & Melissa Hulbert from Sydney Observatory, MAAS, left our hotel in Portland Oregon at 4am on Monday 21 August 2017. We drove 185 miles south west to a good viewing area to observe the first total solar eclipse to totally sweep right across the USA since 1918. The extent of this eclipse meant a large proportion of the population were able to view at least a partial eclipse and 13 states had the ‘path of totality’ travel right across their territory. Because of this the whole country was in a state of anticipation and excitement with many news channels sending out information about how to view the eclipse, solar viewing

Live stream US Total Solar Eclipse 2017

On Monday 21 August there is a total solar eclipse in the USA. Three Sydney City Skywatcher members are observing the eclipse. Adriano will be in Roberts, Idaho. At this location the eclipse will be total at 11:33 am. Idaho time and he will start the live broadcast event at 11:15am. That will be 3:15am on Tuesday 22nd August Sydney time and 19:15 of the 21st August Europe Time. Here is the link: Toner and Ron are near Salem in Oregon. Maximum eclipse will occur at 9:58am Oregon time. We will not be able to live broadcast but will sent reports and images as soon as possible after the event. Today was a little hazy but we are hoping for a clear sky for the

Solar Observations for July 2017

Every day I observe solar activity and publish my results globally. I also report my monthly findings at the Sydney City Skywatchers meeting on the first Monday of the month. Unfortunately very low activity on the Sun continued throughout July. On the 1st only a single Hax (7) spot could be observed in AR12664, also a Filament in the NE quadrant. The solar disc was clear of all Sunspots on the 3rd & 4th. On the 5th a new single Hsx (10) spot was observed close to the eastern limb in AR12665. Close to it a Sub Flare was seen right on the eastern limb at 22.50. It peaked at 22.55 and ended at 23.10, it had an X-ray class 0B. By the 7th this group had grown to a CV of Dki (46) and on the 8th pr

Partial Lunar Eclipse on 7/8 August 2017

A partial lunar eclipse will take place on August 7/8, 2017, the second of two lunar eclipses in 2017. This partial eclipse would be visible from Sydney. The eclipse will start on the early hours of Tuesday 8th August at 1:50:01 am with the maximum eclipse occurring at 4:20:29 am. The Moon will only be slightly covered by the Earth's umbral shadow at maximum eclipse.

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