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Solar Observations for May 2017

Monty Leventhal (pictured right on his balcony in Maroubra) is a regular solar observer who reports his observations daily to many organisations around the world. This is his monthly summary for May 2017. Once again activity on the Sun continued to be very low. Only a single Axx spot was seen on the 1st of May in Active Region 12653. No further observations were made until the 4th due to cloud cover and on that day 2 small groups were seen, one a Cso group in AR12654 and the other a small Bxi group in AR 12655, both in the northern hemisphere. By the 6th the group in AR12655 had disappeared and the group in AR12654 was last seen on the 7th as a single Axx spot. Since then no spots could be

A solar flare seen from Maroubra = aurora observed from Canada

At the 5 June Sydney City Skywatchers meeting Monty Leventhal presented his May Solar observations and I was particularly interested in his observation of X-ray class of C1. flare on 28 May. This post is about a phenomenon we can view from our planet when the solar conditions are just right . The reason for my curiousity about Monty's Solar observations is that my nephew Caleb Wilks, and his friend Lex Huggett had sent me their amazing photographs taken on the evening of 28 May from Lake Minnewanka, a glacial lake in the Banff National Park in Canada. Monty reported a solar flare occurred on 28 May, and this was the likely cause of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights seen and beautifully

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