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Solar Observations for March 2017

Every Month I summarise my observations. You can find out more about me and how I make my solar observations on a previous blog post. MARCH 2017 OBSERVATIONS - Once again activity on the Sun continued to be very low. On the first of March only one Dso group of Sunspots could be seen in AR12461 and two single spots; one being an Hsx spot in AR1238 and the other being an Axx spot in AR12640. Due to bad weather no further observations were made until the 6th. On that day the solar disc was clear of clear of all Sunspots. No further observations were made until 9 March due to more bad weather when the solar disc was still clear of Sunspots until the 14th and only then a single Axx spot was seen.

Preparing for the next Total Solar Eclipse

Like many amateur astronomers I am planning to visit the United States to view a total solar eclipse in August this year. On Monday morning, 21 August 2017, the eclipse path will travel right across the USA as seen in the eclipse map and detailed information published by NASA. You can see, in the video below supplied by NASA, how the shadow of the Moon will travel across the land creating the path of totality. This will be my fifth attempt at viewing a Total Solar Eclipse, and it all depends on being in the right location (on the path of totality), at the right time and the weather. In 2008 I successfully viewed an eclipse in Siberia, in 2010 another opportunity on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) w

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