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Established in 1895, Sydney City Skywatchers carries forward a proud tradition of providing a forum dedicated to amateur astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts in the city. 


Since 1895 our aims to service the amateurs in astronomy have not changed. We are inclusive and welcome new members from Sydney and beyond.

Should you wish to visit Sydney Observatory please contact the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

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Computing the


How computing is integral to

the evolution of radio


Radio telescopes collect information invisible to the human eye using techniques very different from optical astronomy. Optical telescopes can rely on physical lenses to collect and focus light and create images. This talk will cover some of the basic ideas of radio astronomy, discuss the current hot science topics, and show how Australian researchers are making the most of supercomputing facilities to support the MWA and ASKAP telescopes, as well as how this all feeds into the construction of the international SKA telescope. 

Dr Paul Hancock graduated with a PhD from the University of Sydney, where he studied the youngest radio galaxies using the Australia Telescope Compact Array. He has developed many software tools and workflows to allow radio data to be processed more efficiently, and supports a number of science projects with the MWA and other radio telescopes around the world. 

DATE: Monday 1 February 2021

TIME: 6:30pm 

PLACE: Zoom (link will be sent to members prior) 

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